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How To Execute World-Class Networking Events That Increase Your Income, Impact, and Influence


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Course Instructors

Darrah Brustein

Founder / CEO

Matt Meeks

Director of Operations


There is nothing that will help you become more successful more quickly than your network. 

If you’re the convener of a group, your influence increases exponentially. Everyone knows you because you’re creating high value environments for them. AND, you can make a great side income doing it, while having fun, and helping a lot of people.

But how do you do it without spending a ton upfront, embarrassing yourself on a large scale if something goes wrong, or without having any experience?

After being asked by hundreds of people to help them throw world-class networking events, we’ve designed this program to help you shortcut all of the mistakes we’ve made and glean all of our the best practices.

And, after expanding successfully in 6 markets (and unsuccessfully in a few others), we’ve learned a ton about throwing phenomenal events that are high value for both the attendees and the organizers. Over 30,000 people have come to our events, and we get featured in the world’s foremost publications like Forbes, Inc, Time, and CNN. Oh, and we spend a few hundred dollars or less on each event (even ones that bring in 600 people).

I started doing this 11 years ago, first for a top-ranked University’s alumni, then by founding Network Under 40, and now also consulting for other organizations to help them do this at scale. 

I began by myself, with no budget, in one city. I made money on the first event, and eventually made six figures in profit, doing this as a side gig, while I ran my other companies.

I met thousands of people, developed great friendships and collaborations, had a ton of fun,  made great money, became an influencer in my city, and eventually on a larger scale which opened up a lot of doors.

In this course, we’ll take you through everything from the who, what, where, when, & why of running events; to what to do before, during, & after; how to get people to attend; creating a team and who does what; and throwing different styles of events. 

The course is 4 weeks and begins on January 30th, hosted virtually via video chat for 1.5-2 hours each with myself (founder of Network Under 40, which currently serves 30,000 people, and writer for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global on entrepreneurship and networking) and Matt Meeks, my Director of Operations who is a whiz at systems, logistics, and marketing! A dynamic duo to teach you everything you’ll need to know.

All calls will be recorded in case you can’t make them live as well as so that you have them as a resource forever. We’ll also provide you tons of extra documents, templates, and resources so you have everything you need!

At the end of the course, you can choose if you’d like to go out and create your own events or we can discuss supporting you under our brand. 

If you’d like to be considered for one of our 30 slots, please apply below today.

We look forward to helping you bring your events to life!



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Course Overview

Week 1 - The Who, What, Where, When, & Why  

In our first 2 hour session we will talk about:  

-Your why

-Differentiating yourself in the marketplace

-Defining your audience niche and ideal customer

-Brand development and design

-The economics and psychology of venue selection

-Developing venue guidelines and templates

-How to make money: budgeting and expenses

-Business structure and infrastructure 

-Live Q&A with instructors

Week 2 - The Before, During, & After 

During our second 2 hour session we will help you learn:

-How to keep track of all the moving pieces

-Project management systems

-File management 101

-Digital Marketing (email campaigns, social media, ads)

-Grassroots marketing

-Copywriting 101 

-Ticketing 101 

-How to attract and keep sponsors (pricing, sales decks, etc)

-Event wrap-up 


-Live Q&A with instructors

Week 3 - Your Team

In the third 1.5 hour session we will help you understand and develop: 


-Who you need to make the event run smoothly

-How to compensate or get help on barter

-How to build a host team 

-The necessity of an ambassador program and how to recruit for it

-Partnerships to help drive attendance and awareness

-Live Q&A with instructors

Week 4 - Hosting an Intimate Meal and Final Q&A

During our last 1.5 hour session we will help you develop and host great intimate meals. You will learn:   

-The multi-faceted components to the booking process 

-Pre-event task list

-Scripts and guidelines for hosting the event 

-Post-event follow-up 

-Billing / accounting process

-Live final Q&A with instructors

What's Included

4 Weeks Of Live Online Courses 

Private Online Facebook Group 

Live Q&A Sessions 

Downloadable PDFs 

1-1 Email Support 

Access To The Recordings

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What Events Can Look Like

What People Say About Our Events

"Network Under 40 has allowed me to expand my network in this community faster than I ever imagined. I love the culture we have created, the diversity at our events and the energy and friendships that are sparked!" -Sunny Bray, Nashville Event Director

"Hosting and attending Network Under 40 events has opened doors, introduced me and gotten me closer with so many amazing people, and ultimately given me purpose in everything I do." -Sarah Antonieta, Baltimore Event Director

"I never thought I would put fun and networking in the same sentence. You have truly created something amazing!" -Amanda C

"Network Under 40 provided our group, The American Cancer Society Young Professionals Board, the ideal opportunity to interact with other young professionals in the Nashville area. We love the laid back, yet classy atmosphere of the events which allow for easy conversation and mingling. The ambassadors helped with introductions and made sure everyone felt comfortable. The promotion and communication with attendees helped boost the event and awareness of our nonprofit and its initiative. It was inspiring to have guests come up to the table expressing their excitement to learn more from our group and to get involved. We would be honored to collaborate with Network Under 40 again in the future." -Mackenzie E

"Looking back on my first interactions with NU40, I certainly wanted to meet new people, but my top priority was to do so with the intent of growing my business. Over time though, it turned into much more than that. I have realized through NU40 that simply investing in relationships and in people that see value in doing the same is what really moves the needle. From the relationships I have formed through NU40, some have turned into business partnerships and others into clients, but most all have turned into friends." -Betsy L

"I gave Network Under 40 a try because I had nothing to lose. At the first event, I met someone with whom we now do business. I can directly tie her contract to securing a $2.2M grant. Yes, I will be attending another Network Under 40 event." -Carrie R

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What’s The Cost And Process After I Apply?

All applicants are asked to complete the short application on this page. A selected portion will be invited to a brief phone interview. If it feels like a fit, the reduced cost for this initial cohort will be shared. It’s our goal to make sure everyone who is a fit can access the course, regardless of cost barriers.

Who Should Take This Course?

If you want to learn how to throw networking events in your spare time that make you money, increase your influence and add immense value to your audience, this is for you.

If you want to shortcut the pitfalls of nobody showing up, spending too much money, or burning bridges by mistaking mistakes, this is for you.

If you can carve out several hours/week and love to bring people together, we encourage you to apply!

100% Happiness Guarantee

We fully stand by the material we’ve created and know that each person who enrolls will achieve real results. If, however, you feel it isn’t for you for any reason, this course is backed by a 100% happiness guarantee within the first 15 days of the program. All you have to do is send us proof of doing the homework and we will gladly refund your payment, no questions asked.

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